The September issue of 1923 is made up entirely of excerpts from the book Child Types and The Changing Child , by Frances Weld Danielson. (Each half of the title represents its own book; the two were published together a single volume, but the cover only reflects the first.)

You'd be forgiven for not knowing Danielson. I haven't been able to find much biographical information about her, except that she appears in directories of Christian educators, and in at least the 1914-15 edition of Woman's Who's Who in America where she's described as "[a]ctive in promotion of improved kindergarten work, especially in Sunday-schools; in story telling afternoons for children and in mothers' club work; writer of children's poems and stories for various publications."

As of today, this book has been viewed 27 times on the Internet Archive, and surely several of those were me. It was uploaded in March of 2019, digitized by the Library of Congress, and so might be a beneficiary of the same copyright expiration certainty that underpins this zine project itself.

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